Thursday, December 2, 2010

im back home!!!!

today,equal to 2 2nd December 2010,at 4.30 im will going back home at n9 with my bro sis's,,,very da excited to back home,,,ahahahahahaha,,,tggal la 4 org my pren at our hostel,,,but both 3 of them (paloi,nurul n yan) will be back dis morning also,around 7 n 8 o'clock,,,so, another 1(shila) will be back dis tonite and tomorrow no one in our house,,,,,taraaaaa,,,we are going holiday,,,,,dabedabeduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~dok umh til 10 hb,then 12 go to Indonesia,holiday with my luvly family n also wif my uncle,4 16 days n will be back malaysia at 28th,,,,very da long journey,,,,,well,im waiting dat time i go there,,,da 1st time im going my mother's hometown,,,,,ahahahhahahahhaha,,,,,,,,,,so,i dunno wen we can again,hopefully will c all of u(but who???) A.S.A.P,,,ehehehehhehe,,,,c u later,,,,daaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,