Tuesday, February 1, 2011

without a word

without a word i felt ur love
without a word u gave me love
i keep it all here
even ur breathe holding onto ur deep inside here
but u're just leaving me,
without a word my love throws me away
what will i have 2 say
the words on my lips were surprise themselves
all came without a single words
without a word im waiting for love
without a word im hurt because of love
my soul has left, im became a fo0l
i just lo0k the sky and crying
without a word seperation come 2 me
i couldn't even prepare i had let u go
my heart feels like its having a stinging pain
it all come without a single words
without a word u come
without a word u left
just like a fever
maybe its only hurt for a while
but the scars will be left forever,,,,,

~without a word~

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